Providing You with Behavioral and Mental Health Counseling at Home.

BF Empowerment  Center provides mental health services to individuals, couples, and families that have been marginalized. 

As a result of our services clients will have increased joy and learn to achieve their goals! Clients will also be educated, empowered, and become more determined. We strive to provide programs and Evidence Based Treatment that: (1) helps families stay together longer, (2) build healthier and more fulfilling relationships, (3) decreases violence in the home, school, and community as well as (4) become more effective advocates.


BF Empowerment Center provides counseling services to the patient at home:


  • Individual Therapy

  • Couple Therapy

  • Child and Adolescent Therapy

  • Group Therapy

  • Trauma Therapy

  • And many other services  See more >>

Client Centered Holistic Therapy
  • Physical

  • Emotional

  • Environmental

  • Social

  • Financial 

  • Intellectual

  • Spiritual

  • And  See more >>

Better Living Starts Here!


“I found our sessions refreshing as you let me speak and be heard. I know this will be a journey and appreciate their professionalism and time in walking with me through it.”


K. Fleming


“This agency helped me through a very difficult time during a rocky relationship. My therapist helped me to make very important decisions that clarified my worth and validated me as a valuable person. I appreciate the time my therapist spent with me during therapy to help me transition from putting myself last to considering that I am a very strong woman.


B.  Hawkins